Teams that focus on mental skills are teams that consistently win!


Gone are the days when sports coaches are mainly focused on strength & conditioning, technical elements, nutrition, recovery and execution of set pieces. Neuroscience coaching and modern day coaching methods have evolved, and shown us that success stories and achieving goals on and off the field are best achieved when a holistic and ongoing MENTAL SKILLS coaching program is fully integrated into the overall training programs for individuals & teams.

These days, coaches are an integral part of anyone’s life who seeks to identify their true potential and chooses to be the best possible versions of themselves. Coaches facilitate individuals & teams to achieve goals, live a fulfilled & balanced life and enjoy the journey of continuous learning. On the Mark Coaching facilitates that path of continuous growth, ongoing improvement and the achievement of personal and professional goals.

Working with a coach is an exciting and deeply rewarding process of self-fulfilment that not only challenges you, your status quo and the “norm”, but ultimately leads to specific outcomes that you are looking for. People and teams seek the services of a mental skills coach for different reasons. So what is yours?

We all experience times at home, on the sports field, at work or in life in general where we feel off balance, lost in direction, unmotivated or unfulfilled. The On The Mark Coaching team offers proven mental skills & neuroscience coaching solutions to these very real challenges that prevent us and our teams from achieving continued success.

Coaching solutions that are ON THE MARK when it comes to your
Team’s or Personal Coaching needs.


As the owner and CEO of a 22-year-old packaging business, I was looking for a business coach who could engage with my culturally diverse leadership team, and Mark exceeded all of our expectations. His services were instrumental in applying professional coaching techniques to our team leaders through a coaching workshop in a fun, energetic, and thought-provoking way that not only realigned our perspectives as a team but also recalibrated our mindsets. On The Mark Coaching has helped us come together as a team to review and reset our overall company goals and objectives, which is something we hadn’t done for some time. Mark’s follow up was great and he still checks with us to make sure we are on track to achieve our goals. We look forward to our next coaching workshop with Mark.

Dale Rautenbach, CEO

On The Mark Coaching

Why work with On The Mark Coaching?

OTM is driven by a very unique combination of experience, qualification and passion, which also brings new research in the mental skills & mindset space to the forefront of what we do. We are very selective with who we partner with as our models are not “off the shelf” coaching models, they are our own IP which we have created with the input of accomplished sports psychologists, Doctors & global leaders in their respective coaching fields. The business is driven by a strong desire to shape and mould individuals and teams to use their mental strength to align to their goals and exceed in achieving them. Whilst there is a strong academic element to the OTM brand of coaching, it is very much known as a business that boosts and inspires motivation, which is a key ingredient for action to occur. Passion & energy, are powerful mechanisms, and accountability is never forsaken in the mix. The OTM business was inspired by a famous Japanese proverb: “Vision without action is a daydream, and action without vision is a nightmare”. We have remained true to our roots and its what’s helped drive our success.

On The Mark Coaching

What makes On The Mark Coaching different from other coaching companies?

Unlike other coaching businesses, OTM does not profess to be all things to all people. We have chosen our niche markets to focus on and we ensure that our bespoke programs are continuously researched and updated so that we, too, embrace continuous improvement. Our key focus is in the sporting arena working with individuals & teams to help them to align on goals, performance and all the ingredients required for success to occur in the sporting arena and outside of it too. We do this by bringing global leaders in neuroscience and experts in mental skills coaching together and combining their experience & expertise into a framework that packs a powerful punch, delivers sound results and holds the individual and the team accountable for their success story, track record and their legacy. Our models are targeted to the sports arena but we are often contacted to apply them in the corporate world as the dynamics of team performance are transferable from the change room to the board room. Our primary focus, however, remains on coaching in the team sport environment, from grass roots to the highest professional level. We engage with individual private clients at all levels, schools, clubs, federations, states and organisations who are looking for their teams to align, improve and enjoy being the best versions of themselves. We matter, because YOU matter. We win when YOU win.

On The Mark Coaching

Who is On The Mark Coaching in the world of team sports?

On The Mark Coaching is powered by unique and proven coaching models like the MPT Method and bespoke neuroscience methods making it a disruptor in a congested coaching & sports coaching market. On The Mark Coaching is also not afraid to lead the way and launch pioneering coaching methods by blending cutting edge neuroscience coaching methods with models it has created from years of coaching. Fuelled by passion & energy, powered by proven coaching methods and driven by the hunger and desire to help you and your teams to succeed, On The Mark Coaching is a coaching business for you to turn to when others have not managed to help you achieve in the past, or if you simply want to start with a team that can get you off the mark quickly, effectively and with intent, whilst delivering performance results with clarity & purpose. Yes, we are a disruptor in the sports mental skills coaching space and we make no apologies for that, but when you want to win, don’t you want to be winning with the winners?