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On The Mark Coaching is proud to announce details for the MPT program for rugby players AND coaches launching early 2024.

The MPT program is for anyone in rugby who understands that MINDSET is the SOFTWARE that enables strong bodies, the HARDWARE, to operate at peak optimum best and helps create a powerful, collective, mental edge over your competition.

What is covered in these programs?


On The Mark Coaching, along with a team of qualified rugby and mindset coaches, have created the MPT Method specifically for players and coaches looking to get the most out of rugby by integrating MENTAL SKILLS into the overall coaching program.

The rugby model looks at three key areas:

MINDSET – underpinned by VALUES
TEAM – underpinned by CULTURE



Here we explore the link between ones personal values and goals in alignment with the collective teams values & goals.

We take a deep inward look our own beliefs and self-limiting beliefs and how they impacted our performance last & previous seasons. We look at mindset and the relationship that emotions and thoughts have on ones personal performance and the collective teams performance. This programs facilitates and guides you through effective goals and values setting and places you on the right path to success.



When we understand the key influencers on performance we can start to review, constructively challenge and make changes to routines, unhelpful thoughts and misguided opinions that we may have of ourselves and our team mates. Performance in a team sport is all about building & maintaining high levels of concentration, mutual respect, effective communication and developing a cohesive and aligned understanding of all factors that impact performance. This program unlocks a blueprint to achieving success consistently on and off the field.


We have all heard the saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link…well, it’s no different when it comes to culture. Whether it be in the board room or the change room, culture can make or break a team. Toxic cultures driven by ego’s and selfish individualised gains will always hold a team back from achieving success, and can possibly cripple a team. Developing healthy, ego free cultures in rugby teams is what helps convert “teams of champions” into “champion teams”. Culture is the essence that many refer to as the “secret sauce” as its hard to define, hard to build and hard to maintain. It is also not difficult to create under the right conditions. This program helps map out the steps to creating winning cultures.

Mental strength is achieved by focusing on Mental Fitness. The MPT Method looks at highly effective ways to achieve that through the following three options to guide you through the new season and to deliver your best results and in doing so, will elevate the performance of those around you:


1: Pre Season

5 Week Program

  • Rugby players (boys & girls) 15 – 21 yrs
  • Rugby players (men & women) professional
  • Rugby coaches
  • Groups are capped at 25 people
  • Fully online (1 hr per week + work sheets)
  • Cost: AUD $700 per person

Wed 7th Feb ’24 – Wed 13th Mar ’24

2: Main Season

16 Week Program

  • Rugby players (boys & girls) 15 – 21 yrs
  • Rugby players (men & women) professional
  • Rugby coaches
  • Groups are capped at 25 people
  • Fully online (1 hr per week + work sheets)
  • Cost: AUD $2,880 per person

Wed 20th Mar ’24 – Wed 10th Jul ’24

3: Combined Program

21 Week Program

  • Rugby players (boys & girls) 15 – 21 yrs
  • Rugby players (men & women) professional
  • Rugby coaches
  • Groups are capped at 25 people
  • Fully online (1 hr per week + work sheets)
  • Cost: AUD $2,990 per person (SAVE AUD $410.00 per person)

Wed 7th Feb ’24 – Wed 20th Jul ’24

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Who is the program for?

This program is for anyone across all levels of rugby (coaches, players and entire teams) who are ready to embrace mental skills a way to take their game to the next level.

What does it cost?

There are three options for the next programs:

  • 5 Week Pre Season MPT program: A$700 per person
  • 16 Week In Season MPT program: $2,880 per person
  • Both programs (21 weeks) $2,990 per person (SAVE AUD$410 per person) and join the exclusive MPT Gold Club.
  • BONUS: First 20 people to sign up will become MPT GOLD CLUB MEMBERS and will also be invited to an exclusive online event with a two time Rugby World Cup winner.
What format are the session?

The sessions are run online, for an hour on a Wednesday at 6pm Sydney time.

What does each session look like?

Each group is capped at 25 participants and each one hour session includes a deep dive into a particular mindset topic which is especially created for that session, followed by open discussion (Q&A) which also includes video content and practical tools for participants to use on game day. Each session also includes actions and assessments for participants to complete for the following week. The program is designed for participants to use and apply the mental skills they are being coached on, in the games they play each week.

What happens if I miss a session?

We understand that life is unpredictable and at time requires flexibility, so where possible, if you miss a session, we will always do our best to help you attend that same session with a different group, or we will do our best to cover the session content with you on a 1-2-1 basis, or a small group basis if there is more than one person that has missed a session.

Mental Skills Approach

This program is for you if you relate to any of the below:

PROBLEM: I can’t seem to get my head in the game
PROBLEM: I get so fired up, when the opposition bait me, I am quick to react
PROBLEM: My team mates frustrate me when they make mistakes
PROBLEM: When I get dropped or subbed off I feel discarded and undervalued
PROBLEM: I get super tense or anxious beofre a game. It impacts my confidence
PROBLEM: I struggle to bounce back after a mistake

If these or any similar challenges impact your confidence or performance, these programs address each of them and provide proven solutions!

SOLUTION: With new found clarity and controlling my thoughts & emotions, I feel far more confident and less anxious before a big game
SOLUTION: My concentration is consistently high, and I am able to perform at my best in high pressure situations
SOLUTION: I am very comfortable in understanding that perfect does not exist, but continuous improvement helps me to lift my game each week
SOLUTION: I am able to deal with disappointing news far better and I can use time on the sideline to focus on bouncing back quickly
SOLUTION: I don’t give anyone permission to trigger an emotional response, and that keeps me in the game

This program takes us on a journey of self discovery and application of new mental skills tools.

We learn how to embrace and harness the power of:

  • Self awareness
  • Humility
  • Developing a dominant presence in a high intensity situation
  • Managing & regulating emotion
  • Positive visualisation
  • Avoiding “choking under pressure”
  • Self leadership
  • Developing powerful routines that support a winning mindset
  • Developing resilience, strong inner dialogue and emotional intelligence


Mark Zimmermann

Rugby Union Mental Skills Coach
Life Coach (LCIA)
Leadership & Executive Coach

Mark is the creator of the MPT method and has coached and spoken to rugby players and teams around the world on the topic of mental skills in team sports. Mark is the co-author of the Amazon best seller: Winners Mindset, and has been a strong advocate for mental wellness and mental health in life & in sports.

Mark studied psychology & coaching for 6 years after hanging up his corporate boots following 25 years in senior leadership roles in business and having led teams and coached rugby sides across 4 continents.

Mark’s passion is helping individuals and teams to unlock their full potential and to produce their best results through aligning on areas of sports coaching that most would agree is not focused on enough.

Mark is a highly motivating coach, with an infections energy that inspires coaches and players to define their goals, be clear on their values and deliver performances consistently well in a way that leads to highly successful outcomes.

Charlie Winn

Certified Executive Coach (IECL)
Level 2 Coach Rugby Australia certified with 10+ years experience
Leadership Coach

Charlie’s passion for the game of rugby comes from playing & captaining teams for 20+ seasons in Australia, South Africa & UK. He has coached rugby for over a decade during which he won 4 international tournaments and 2 Sydney Subbies competitions.

Charlie is passionate about developing the awareness of and skills to enhance the mental side of rugby as he has seen firsthand the impact it can have on the field but more importantly the even greater impact off the field plus how this can develop the culture of the team, club and the wider organisation the team comes from.

As the owner of Orchard Coaching, business leadership coaching organisation, he spends most days coaching Executives, facilitating workshops and coaching business leadership teams.

Jason Garner

Leadership Coach
Rugby Mindset Coach

As a coach, mentor, facilitator, and speaker, I specialise in Rugby mindset coaching. My expertise lies in helping individuals, especially in the realm of rugby, unlock their full potential and achieve peak performance.

Just as I did in my previous role as a leadership coach, I now empower athletes and teams in the world of rugby to harness their inner strength and perform at their best. I offer the following services: “Cultivate talent to nurture high-performing rugby teams”, “Provide insights into effective leadership, management, and achieving operational excellence”, “Motivate and train young rugby leaders for optimal performance” & “Foster leadership skills in young athletes, enabling them to support their teammates effectively”

Having earned recognition as a leader in the corporate world, I leverage my extensive experience, including my tenure as an executive at Scentre Group. I previously managed the top retail asset in the country and have a background of guiding teams to success for renowned brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Diesel and Cue

Beyond my professional life, I’m a dedicated rugby union enthusiast. I find solace in the sea and surf and cherish the moments I spend with my family and three children.


Mark presented to our IRAA players and all players were engaged and intrigued with Marks messages. Mark delivers related content to the players, which triggers many thoughts and actions. Many player were interested in more ongoing discussions with Mark after his presentation.

Sean Hedger - Director of Rugby, IRAA

I recently seeked out help from Coach Zim and wish I had done it earlier. He had given me a completely different approach to change my mindset on and off the field. ZIm doesn’t just tell you what to do and send you on your way. He treats you like family always checking in wnating to know how the advice he gave you went. I try to speak to Zim weekly before my Rugby game. This gives me a relaxing reset to be able to think clearly for my game and even my week ahead.

Player Name - Rugby Player, Randwick EDP Group